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Hi, I have noticed that the "conf_file_ver=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" in configuration has changed to a different number without doing anything recently. Is there any reason for that?
Hi, I have noticed that the version of FortiGate firmware is upgraded from v7.2.5 to v7.2.6 somehow.Nothing was done manually. Is this normal thing?Is firmware upgraded automatically?By FortiGuard? Regards,
How can we confirm that Fortigates have the Statefull Inspection function?Where can we have or see document or config?
Does FortiGate-80F have a protecting function against spoofing traffic such as MAC address spoofing, ARP spoofing, DHCP spoofing, and DNS spoofing?If so, how can I check the function by commands?
Hi, On FortiGate, an IPsec Tunnel is configured to the AWS site-to-site VPN, which is the only configuration to communicate to the outside. However, I have found some internet-service-name configs(ISDB) unintentionally rewrote like FortiGuard synchro...
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