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Hello, according to fortigate file filter can only filter certain file extensions. Webp is not includedIs there another way to filter webp files in the firewall? Greet...
Hello,when I login to fortigate using firefox from the same network as the FW then it works.When I try to login from a machine that is non another network ( also other port on the FW) then I get an authentication error. I even copied the firefox prof...
Hello, does anyone know if there is a software that can import the csv or json exported fromfortigate 6.4.12 and show it as a graph? GreetingsAndreas
Hello, we have to migrate all our server to a local hoster. The servers will all get new IP-addresses, even the DNS-servers. This is not a problem for our PCs, but the DNS Server set in all our printers must be changed.Would it be possible to add a v...
Hello, is it possible to filter the "Fortiview Destinations" by interface? GreetingsAndreas
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