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I understand that when you dedicate a CPU core to management it allows https or ssh access during a time when the CPU would be too busy to respond but I'd like to take that a step further? Will that CPU be leveraged for all or at least most other con...
I am trying to figure out how exactly the throughput numbers are calculated. I've come across vendors doing it a couple of different ways. Is it (in + out) + .... for all interfaces on the box? Does it only count input our output?
This is a question for any Authenticator product people. I believe Dr. Carl Windsor drives the Authenticator product. I am curious to know if we could expect TACACS+ or any other additional protocol support in FortiAuthenticator. It is rather appeali...
Stripping the tcp timestamp from traffic that passes through the firewall is becoming a more frequent request as it is showing up on various vulnerability scans. I see that some security appliances have a command that specifically strips the timestam...