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Hello,we have a problem with Quarantine Emails. We are Using Fortimail 200E with v7.0.3(GA), build189I see the Email in the Logs with Errors but not in the Quarantine-"System Quarantine;Notification"-"Milter (mailfilterd): timeout before data read, w...
Hello, we have some Emails in our Quarantine, but this Emails are invisible,if i search the Email in the Logs, i see the Emails "System Quarantine;Notification"in the Session ID i see a loot of Error-"Milter (mailfilterd): timeout before data read, w...
Hello, we are using with a others companies for crypted Email communication S/MIME, our problem is, that it's only possible to use 10 S/MIME Certification in Fortimail, it's possible to use more than 10 certification or not Thank you
Hello, we have a Fortigate 300E with v7.0.0 build0066 (GA), we are using our Fortigate as a second NTP Server, everything was working, but since a couple days the NTP on the Fortigate is not reachable.The Funktion is enable and with "diag sys ntp sta...
Hello, it's possible to make that the user get the Quarantine Summary for the System Quarantine, not only for the Personal Quarantine.I cannot find any option for that problem Thank you