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For a client, in his local FortiAnalyzerVM (v7.4.1), I added the local Fortigate200F (v7.2.4), and it work great. So I tryed to add, with the same "Device Manager-Add Device" a FortigateVM (v7.2.4) in AWS with the serial number, but even if the wizar...
Or... it feels like they are always at 100% full blast and that makes noices ... At that price point, I am flabergasted that we can't control these... or I have missed an option somewhere? Firmware 7.2.3, but I remember it was at 100% also with the 6...
For a client, I am trying to setup a vpn site-to-site from a local Fortigate 200F, firmware 7.2.3, to the AWS site-to-site connectors. I succeded to make it so I could ping from AWS to a local machine, but ping from a local machine to a AWS machine w...
FortiGate200F , firmware version 7.0.8, I need some hint. 1- So I configure an LDAP server on my Fortinet, used the "test" button with a username and password and it's working. (Edit LDAP Server image : That "test user credentials" button is working....
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