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Hello, Can a FortiGate use a proxy server to activate a FortiToken mobile code? In the documentation (https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortigate/7.4.2/administration-guide/492260/configuring-a-proxy-server-for-fortiguard-updates) I read that: "Prox...
Hello, I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but I have a customer who needs to deploy FSSO with one DC agent and two collector agents. I haven't found any configuration reference for this scenario, while I have seen examples with two DC agents (f...
Hello, There are times where we have to enable asymmetric routing, in order to bypass RPF issues. But singe asymmetric routing is enabled globally in the VDOM, it exposes the entire policy to spoofing. Is there a way to enable asymmetric routing cond...
Hello, I have to create dynamic mappings for 500+ interfaces in FMG and I'm looking for the CLI to do that, because it will take me 3 months to do it in the GUI. I already have the dynamic mappings from the old FMG in CLI, which is: diag dvm device d...
Hello, Are ADOMs supported in FAZ Cloud? Do we need the multitenancy license for that? Or, is there any other way to have multitenancy in FAZ Cloud? ThanksAndreas
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