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Hi all, What type of 2FA solutions do you run with Fortigate VPN?Whats the best option? Let me hear your thoughts!
Hello all, I've problem with spikes in CPU caused by the ipsengine process.This is a huge problem during video-meetings/calls.Each time the CPU spikes the traffic is dropped for 1-3 seconds. I run FortiOS 6.2.3 and below is how it looks like. ipsengi...
Hi,I would like to setup a SSL VPN in the fortigate that it authenticating to the Active Directory.The AD then has a connection with MFA that will send out SMS to the users phone as a second authentication. Is is possible to use two factor with SMS f...
Hi,Im about to install a FortiWeb, to handle OWA, Reverse proxy etc.Where should I place the appliance...?[ul]Directly on Internet with an external IP?Behind Fortigate firewall with NAT?[/ul]If I place it behind the Fortigate, is it possible to use t...
Hi,I tried to configure VDOM on my Fortigate (configure system global - set vdom-admin enable)You get logged out and then I logged in with my admin account again (super-admin).When i change to the root vdom and try to go to policys, I only get "Acces...
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