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I'm facing issue with one of my fortiswitch that goes offlice. troubled switch is 124F, connected to Core Fortiswitch 1048 over isl link on port9. below is the log on core switch. below log on the Troubled switch How I can reboot the switch from fort...
I have configured my fortiswitches for IGMP-snooping. but after 2-3 days streaming stopped. when I check, the configuration I did was not their. both from Core and distribution switches... ****Core switch Config ---> on MCLAG Peer config switch vlane...
facing an issue with one of the access switch is going offline again and again. Fortigate as a controller running a on 6.4.9Core Switch 1048E running v 6.4.11Access Switch 124F running v6.4.11 Ntp is synced. only on switch 124F is having an issue. co...
I have a Fortigate 601E v6.4.9 as a switch controller, with 2 FotiSwitch 1048E as MCLAG peers and multiple 124F on distribution.Few switches suddenly went offline including 1x 1048E.in LOGS it shows NTP is fine.