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I am facing an issue where an IP cannot reach another IP through IPSec Vpn and upon debugging i get TTL exceeded and dropped what is the reason and how do i solve this? id=65308 trace_id=6367 func=print_pkt_detail line=5836 msg="vd-root:0 received a ...
Hi Community, I am facing issues while accessing FGT 200D via GUI. Currenlty running FortiOS 6.0.16.I tried killing the httpsd process and it works for sometime only to start lagging again.Any reasons why this is happening and any solutions? Regards,...
Hello Support, I am trying to backup my FAZ (Firmware version 6.2.9) config from GUI and it just doesn't seem to work.Also when m trying to backup all-settings to my ftp server that too isnt helping.I will attach some screenshots please let me know i...
Hello Team! I have been looking to upgrade my EMS to 7.0 so I need you to please recommend me the most stable EMS 7.0 patch with least issues that has been deployed on live networks and has not had major issues. Regards,Shailesh
Hi Community, Is it possible to achieve the following case regarding DoS policy on FortiGate. If a DoS attack is attempted by an attacker then FortiGate Quarantines the Attacker for 1 day.If the same attacker tries to attempt another DoS attack after...
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