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hi All just installed my first F series FG (100F).it comes with firmware 6.2.3 installed.we experience some SSL VPN issues, disconnect from time to time.all though there is no packet loss on the link or on the route to the GW.be said that I think it'...
hi Does anyone know the maximum number of VRRP instances per FW?for example, the 60F supports 256 system interfaces, will it support 256 VRRPs? appreciate any feedback thanks
hi all ive started using APIs to monitor my fortigate.but something isn't clear to me.im trying to use some filters in my API request.ive try to do so according to API documents but it not preforming any filtering.im still getting all the out put. e....
hi all i know there is a number of configured dhcp servers per VDOM.Does anyone know if this limitation is applied for DHCP relay agents as well? thanks
hi all while configuring a new vlan interface i got this error.right-hand side of 'in' should be an object got undefineddevices behind this vlan couldn't get ip from FG dhcp. i couldn't find anything online regarding this kind of error with fortigate...
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