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HelloWould anyone know the commands to check file system for Indicators of Compromise related to the above CVE? I understand that this was affected only between 7.2.0 - 7.2.2, but we were running that version before and we are now on 7.2.8I did get t...
HelloI've got 8 HA firewall pairs that I need to make sure the new IP scheme from Mimecast is updated in the ISDB. Can this be done via the FMG or do I need to go to each FortiGate HA pair? Or does the FMG only point to the FortiGuard servers? Thank ...
Hello Anyone with experience out there that has updated their FGs with such a big jump? I have to go from 6.2.5 in steps up to 6.2.11 - then it has me going directly to 6.4.11 per the download tool on Fortinet firmware page. I will perform the upgrad...
Hello - I have a customer who updated to version 7.2.3 to be clear of the recent SSLVPN vulnerability; however, HA is out of sync and comparing out puts it is showing the This shows to be a bug in an earlier version. Any advice? T...
Hello I am trying to determine if a customer of mine has been infected by the latest vulnerability. How do you access the Linux file system to check if the files are present? Thank you
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