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As per my understanding FGT & FAZ uses TCP port 514 & UDP 514 in log communication. TCP port 514 used in RSH protocol to execute remote shell commands in FGT to get information also it is not secured compared to SSH protocol. so to understand how For...
I was trying to understand about FGFM protocol and it is used to onboard FGT into FMG or enabling communication between FGT & FMG to manage the FGT via FMG centrally. I have below list of queries to understand more about this protocol. can anyone kno...
We are planning to setup a topology like below. Dual FGT + Dual FSW (In MCLAG) + AP's Is it ok to connect end user machines in MCLAG switches?What about the Fortinet recommendation?Is MCLAG applicable only for aggregation layer to provide node level ...