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We have 3 sites withFG 100D/110C/80C Software Version: v5.2.13,build762 andFAP's 221b/221c Software Version: v5.2-build0265 Since upgrading to this version we seem to have computers/laptops randomly showing page cannot be displayed when browsing both...
I have recently upgraded all of our boxes due to them being quite old, some of them previously on V4.We have the following SiteA - FG100D (v5-b0762), 4 x FP221B (v5.2-b0265) SiteB - FG110C (v5-b0762), 3 x FP221B (v5.2-b0265), 2 x FP221C (v5.2-b0265) ...
I've recently only just moved from version 4 (b694) up to 5.2.13 on our gateways 100d, 110c, 80c + 5.2.6 on AP's 221b/c's Is it worth upgrading to 5.4 > 5.6? Is there specific versions for stability/reliability?
I have a fortiap 221b, upgrading from 221B-v5.2-build0234 to FAP_221B-v5-build0245. Device has become non responsive. Used the reset button to no avail Is there any type of recovery mode for these devices?
We have several AP's across our sites with a selection of different fortigates as gateways. 110C, 100D and 2 x 80C All AP's are either FP-221b or FP-221C Recently reviewing the firmware images have updated the gateways to v5.0,build0323 (GA Patch 14)...