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DescriptionThis article concerns PPTP traffic being unable to establish when passed through the SLBC solution.PPTP traffic is using PPTP protocol and GRE tunneling. Traffic for this PPTP protocol and GRE tunneling was load balanced by two different b...
DescriptionThis article explains how to delete an event filter that has been configured in Shelf Manager.ScopeShelf Manager.SolutionA specific event_filter entry can be deleted by replacing the entry to 0.1) To check if any event filter is configured...
DescriptionThis article provides a basic test to use when a ping to the next hop router from a worker blade fails.SolutionThis connectivity test can be used when it is possible to ping the ELBC cluster inside/outside from the router but it is not pos...
DescriptionPeriodically a situation arises where the FortiVoice needs to be accessed or the admin account’s password needs to be changed but no one with the existing password is available. If you have physical access to the device and a few other too...
DescriptionThis article is to illustrate on how to upload a custom certificate to the FortiAuthenticator. This certificate is used to access to the FortiAuthenticator Solution1) Upload the custom .crt and .key to the FortiAuthenticator under Certific...