Periodically a situation arises where the FortiVoice needs to be accessed or the admin account’s password needs to be changed but no one with the existing password is available. If you have physical access to the device and a few other tools the password can be reset.

 This procedure will require the reboot of the FortiVoice unit.
Resetting a lost admin password.
You will need:

• Console cable
• Terminal software such as Putty.exe (Windows) or Terminal (MacOS)
• Serial number of the FortiGate device

Step 1.

Connect the computer to the appliance via the Console port on the back of the unit.

Virtual instances will not have any physical port to connect to so you will have to use the supplied VM Hosts’ console connection utility.

Step 2.

Start your terminal software. (For example: putty)

Step 3.

Connect to the appliance using the following:

Setting                            Value
Speed  Baud                         9600
Data Bits                           8Bit
Parity                              None
Stop Bits                              1
Flow Control     No Hardware Flow Control
Com Port             The correct com-port

Step 4.

The appliance should then respond with its name or hostname. (If it does not try pressing "enter")

Step 5.

Reboot the appliance If there is no power button, disconnect the power adapter and reconnect it after 10 seconds. 

Step 6.

Wait for the appliance name and login prompt to appear. The terminal window should display something similar to the following:

FortiVoice-200D (13:54-07.10.2012)
Serial number:FO2HDT3A12000072
Total RAM: 4096MB
Boot up, boot device capacity: 1919MB.
Press any key to display configuration menu...
Reading boot image 3105002 bytes.
Initializing FortiVoice...
Booting FortiVoice...
Press the 'm' key to enter maintenance mode.....
Initialize Database ...
Initialize Configuration ...
12.14-15:27:59 Initializing FortiVoice hardware drivers (1)...

Step 7.

Type in the username: maintainer

Step 8.

The password is bcpb plus the serial number of the appliance (the letters of the serial number are in UPPERCASE format)

For example: bcpbFO2HDT3A12000072

There is no indicator of when your time runs out so it is possible that it might take more than one attempt to succeed.

Step 9.

Now you should be connected to the fortivoice. To change the admin password you type the following...

In a unit where vdoms are not enabled:

config system admin
edit admin
set password {psswrd>