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This article describes how to check the Internet Service Database for specific IP addresses.



Below is the command that can be used to search ISDB for specific IP addresses:


diagnose internet-service match <vdname> <ip> <netmask>




diagnose internet-service match root
Internet Service: 5242881(Act-on-Web), matched num: 1


From 7.2.0, users may now seek up IP address information from the Internet Service Database and GeoIP Database by clicking the IP Address Lookup button on GUI. 




Returned IP address information includes location, reputation, and other internet service information in addition to the reverse IP address/domain lookup.




Adding to the notes: To find the IP of any specific ISDB can be done via the below command:


eg  diag internet-service id | grep Zoom
ID: 6422646 name: ""


diag internet-service id 6422646

Internet Service: 6422646(
Version: 00007.03363
Timestamp: 202309061552
Number of IP ranges: 2774 country(356) region(1111) city(15989) blocklist(0x0) reputation(5), popularity(4) domain(2028) botnet(0) proto(6) port(80 390 443 1024-65535) .......