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DescriptionThis article explains that Copper transceiver will cause status problem and how to fix this issue.SolutionWhen using old copper transceiver with SKU: FG-TRAN-GC with FortiGate, sometimes user will experience wrong status when the speed and...
DescriptionThis article describes how FortiToken Cloud calculate the points.SolutionAfter purchasing the FortiToken Cloud, there will be FortiToken Cloud point.Where one point equates to one FortiToken Cloud user-month, or one point per 250 SMS sent....
DescriptionThis article describes how virtual servers load balancing showing wrong status when failover within a short time.SolutionThis is an expected behavior:In the active-standby mode, if the primary server went down, FortiOS will not forward any...
DescriptionThis article describes if FortiGate is supporting using SFTP protocol.SolutionBackup from CLI is not supported with SFTP protocol.The following option is available:# exe backup full-configftp <----- Backup full config file to FTP server.tf...
DescriptionThis article describes how to summarize the same customized signature with same attack ID.SolutionWhen multiple VDOMs are enable, sometimes user will want to summarize the same customized signature with same attack ID.This is not supported...