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DescriptionIn some customer scenarios, it may be preferred to separate different FortiGate VDOMs across multiple FortiManager ADOMs. This might be required when customers needs to logically separate VDOMs and where different teams in a given organiza...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure password authentication and access using a remote TACACS+ server on FortiGate.ScopeFortiGate provides support for many remote authentication servers, including TACACS+. If you decide to use a TACACS+...
DescriptionIn a situation where a FortiManager configuration has been restored, it is not possible to add new devices. When clicking on the "Discovery" button, the following pop-up is displayed : "Failed to discover the device".ScopeAll FortiManager ...
DescriptionThis article explains how to filter multicast traffic for a specific port range to add more granularity to the multicast flows allowed through the FortiGate.ScopeFortiGate (multicast routing)SolutionThe configuration is done via CLI using ...
DescriptionThis article describes how to install FortiClient v4.00 MR2 to support IKE Mode Config.ScopeFortiClient v4.00 MR2 and aboveSolutionTo enable IKE Mode Config feature, FortiClient must be installed with the following switch from a Windows co...