FortiManager supports network operations use cases for centralized management, best practices compliance, and workflow automation to provide better protection against breaches.
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In some customer scenarios, it may be preferred to separate different FortiGate VDOMs across multiple FortiManager ADOMs.

This might be required when customers needs to logically separate VDOMs and where different teams in a given organization administer such separated VDOMs through multiple independent FortiManager units.


FortiManager software version 4.00 MR3
FortiManager software version 5.0.x


This task may be done by activating the Advanced ADOM Mode through a command-line interface (CLI):

On the FortiManager software version 4.00 MR3:

config fmsystem global
set adom-mode advanced
On the FortiManager software version 5.0.x:

config system global
set adom-mode advanced
After performing this command, using the GUI in /Global/Administrator Domain/
select a particular ADOM and then select "edit" (typically by a mouse right-click),
and there, move a particular VDOM into the selected ADOM.

In some earlier FortiManager software versions, the entire FortiGate unit with all of its VDOMs was bound together to one FortiManager ADOM only.
Important note - please be aware:
Enabling the advanced mode option will result in a reduced operation mode and more complicated management scenarios. This operation is recommended only for advanced users.