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Hi all,I configured Web filter profile to use FortiGuard category. Everything was fine, but next day Fortigate block all web pages and display this information (in attachement). I hear that if Fortigate lost connection with FortiGuard, by default he ...
Hi, I have some problem with upgrading FG111C. I just upgrade from 4.0 MR3 patch 11 to 5.0.1 but I can' t upgrade to 5.0.9. On each release I had the information: pid=1 get sig=11 and it' s stoping... Where is the problem? Could you help me?
Hi, In this week I need to upgrade FortiOS from 4.0 MR3 patch11 Build # 646 -> 4.3.15 -> 5.0.7 -> 5.0.9 and I wanna know what will be with the some functionality which is absent or less in the new Firmware 5.0.9 but was in 4.0 ? Or there may be some ...
Hi, I need to create an IPSec VPN between head office and branches. The problem is that, in one branch I have USB 3G modem an Internet Connection. Could I use standard Site to Site vpn, or I need to use DialUp ? I don' t know (maybe you know) if mode...
Hi, I would like to know, the compatible 3G/4G USB Modem with FortiWifi 40C. I was looking on the net, but I can' t find anything :( Could you help me? :)