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How can I determine the SSL-VPN Forticlient version my users are connecting with? I have logs going to a FortiAnalyzer too if that's an option.
I have two FGT 310B configured in a HA AA Cluster. Attempting to upgrade the firmware from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 through the GUI with no traffic interruption. It' s been over 2.5 hours since I uploaded new firmware and neither unit has rebooted. Uptime is s...
Over the past few weeks, we' ve been seeing more and more of the " ssl_error_access_denied_alert" Alert Box while accessing a HTTPS website using Firefox and occasionally IE. We have not seen it with the Chrome browser. If I keep my
I have configured our FG800 to block downloads from TOR ( using Fortiguard web filtering of Proxy Avoidance. This keeps users from downloading the TOR client software while on campus. If a user brings the TOR client on campus, and...
Fortigate-100A 2.80,build456,050704 I have a Fortigate 100A that has 2 WAN connections that are capable of 8Mbps each. I have verified that I can get 6+ Mbps out of each connection. My problem is that I can never get more than 8 Mbps through the Inte...