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Is it possible in the CLI to append an address to an existing group without overwriting all the current addresses in the group? A have about 100 Fortigates for which I need to edit an address group, but just to add a new address. The group has been m...
We have applied a DoS policy on a WAN interface with the intent that all inbound public traffic will be checked for anomalies. However we're seeing in the logs that traffic from the VPN tunnels (using that WAN interface) are being inspected. We do no...
I have discovered that there are two methods of building IPSEC GRE tunnels.[ol]The method most often referenced is to build a typical interface-based VPN and set the phase 2 encapsulation mode to "transport". Then configure a third component -- a GRE...
We're in the process of helping a client simplify their network and had a thought during the design phase. SD-WAN will be used at the main site for their internet circuits - that part's easy. They also have multiple 1Gbit fiber circuits with differen...
We would like to use Office 365 for SSO. This document describes how to use Azure as an SSO Identity Provider: The document instructs to go to "SAML SSO", however I do not see "SAML SSO" u...
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