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I have a 100D running 5.4.8 with an HTTPS type virtual server VIP, and is marking the site in question as vulnerable to ROBOT (Return of Bleichenbacher's Oracle Threat) attack. The VIP settings are current...
I'm trying to consolidate several WAN links on a 100D running 5.4.5 into a WAN LLB link, and there is a problem: we're using SSL VPN full tunnel mode (not split tunnel) and there does not appear to be a way to create an ssl.root -> virtual-wan-link p...
According to hardware acceleration handbook, traffic that goes over inter-VDOM links can be offloaded to network processors via a special kind of VDOM link. I have a Fortigate 200B (includes NP2) in one location, and a Fortigate 200D (includes NP4lit...
Major bug in glibc affecting DNS lookups, potential remote code execution - Is FortiOS vulnerable, and if yes, what versions?
I' m trying to deploy an HA pair of FortiGate-VM appliances under Hyper-V. Standalone they work fine, but as soon as I change HA mode to a-p or a-a, they lose network connectivity on everything except the cluster management port(s), and the cluster n...
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