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Hi FGT Gurus, I have site-to-site VPN between AZ FGT to on-prem FGT. The AZ FGT is in the same Vnet of VMs in Azure. I have no problem to use bastion to communicate any VM in the same Vnet. All the AZ VMs have no problem to communicate with on-prem v...
Hi FAZ Guru, I set our FAZ "alert and delete when usage reaches" to 85%, and I realize that FAZ tries to do the auto-delete log files everyday or every other day to keep total usage under 85%. For forensic or audit purpose, What's the best practice o...
Hi Fortinet Gurus, What are the reasons/use cases Fortimanager need to access LDAP server? If I need to manage user definition and user group management, do i need to allow Fortimanager to access LDAP first? THank you.
Hi Firewall Gurus, I'm looking for best practice for the phase 2 selector subnets in a general case. I understand in some case it requires to use I'm talking about in decent network segmentation internal network that connects to outside. I...
Hi fortianalyzer gurus, I'm new to Fortianalyzer. Can someone guide me how to display or run report of all the current VPN users login at the moment? Thank you!!
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