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The doc team updated the technical docs with the "Tele-Working" as a category. The following link provides the technical assets, https://docs.fortinet.com/teleworking.
By Manny Fernandez Recently I did the Catalina Upgrade to both of my MacBook Pros. FortiClient was working on both. Then on ONE of them, I did the supplemental patch. That patch killed my FortiClient. Man was I on fire. Fortinet announced that 6.2.2 ...
By Manny Fernandez I have two Fortigate 140Es in my environment. SecPrimate-01 and SecPrimate-02. The SecPrimate-01 is using the Mariner color while the SecPrimate-02 is using Red. Both firewalls are connected to a switch on port2 acting as Internet ...
By Manny Fernandez A colleague of mine, Chris Fore, SE in the San Fransisco Bay Area created an amazing video showing the Fortinet Security Fabric in action. Check out his site with some great command line articles.
By Manny Fernandez Earlier, I wrote an article showing how to do a VTI (Virtual Tunnel Interface) from a Cisco ASA to a Fortigate Firewall. Today, I will cover a route-based VPN with a Cisco Router instead of a Cisco ASA using VTIs. Where as the ASA ...
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