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Hi,There is a document from Gartner from August 4th and I miss Fortinet in the list of vendors, any reason why?Best practices for Running Containers and Cubernetes in Production, Published 4 August 2020 ID G00730344 Regards,patrick-------------------...
Hi,When configuring a regular slave one has to specify the cluster interface. For larger deployments can some regular slaves be in a different L3 subnet than the master and primary slave?I read somewhere also something about inter-cluster between FSA...
I could not find out how multiple ADCs will be able to have their communication to Fortiguard over a single Management, i.e. have no direct connection to fortiguard:For the following purposes:- Licensing- IPS, AV, VOS DB updates- possible Fortiguard ...
Hi,I have not been able to find the needed ports between ADC Manager and ADC.Which ports which direction, which protocols?tcp/22tcp/443udp/161udp/162udp/514....------------------------------Thx------------------------------
Hi,we need to have many LUA examples for FortiADC, the examples in Admin Guide are not enough.fqdn disectionsstring manipulations------------------------------Thx------------------------------
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