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hellohow can i create rule that blocking clients that not member on domain to surf on the internet ?I'm Work With Fortigate 80c.Thank!
hello,i can not access my ssl vpn portal via Internet.as you see on file atchhed i open a Browser and type: https://my_external_ip:10448 and nothing Happen.Do i need creatre rules for this action ?
Le'ts say i want to see Logs for specfic Ip address.i have fortigate 80c.Thank!
helloi want to change mode to "section view" on my fortigate 80c and i getting this error ( on attached file)i did not find any rules with "any" or multi interface" how can i find it ?
Hello,what tools should i use for diagnostice for network issue on my firewall ?i want to know all the Options (via cli and gui).Guides And Video Will Help ME.Thanks.