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Hello, Actually we are moving on a dynamic VPN tunnels topology. We configured site A with B tunnel successfully, with OSPF over IPSec configuration. Then, we started to configure site A with C, but when we finished, no route was added. We did exactl...
Hi everyone. I'm presenting some issues in an OSPF over IPSec configuration. I have two FTGs connected by a VPN Tunnel working by OSPF routing protocol. They are working properly configured as in this guide:
Hello. I'm having a trouble setting up OSPF over IPSec in the network of my company. We actually have created VPN tunnels between each branch office. This tunnels are in a simple configuration with static routes working well. We want to configure OSP...
Hi, I'm new in this world, but I got a project where I need to connect some Fortigates between a VPN connection. I have researched a lot, but I'm a bit confuse. In fact, I need to connect every Fortigate with all of the rest of the company, but they ...