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I was hopeful someone can help me create a report that will do a 3 month trend of hits to a certain web category.Currently, we are wanting to trend the number of hits on the 'Advertising' category for Jan, Feb, then March. We are running 5.2.9.Thanks...
Hopeful someone can help me create a dataset \ report showing source IPs accessing, the domain hit, and the category for the following categories:Discrimination Explicit Violence Extremist Groups Illegal or Unethical Nudity and RisqueRunning 5.2. Tha...
Is there a way to set a FortiAnalyzer v5.0 Pre-login banner? Thanks! -brian
Okay I see what they are saying below about the Disclaimer access banner, but is there a way to edit the banner to what I want it to say? Disclaimer access banner Optionally, the FortiGate unit can present a warning statement to administrators before...
Is there a way to submit multiple domains \ IPs to be re-categorized versus doing them one by one? Thanks, -brian