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Hi. I recently replaced a FGT 200E (running 5.6.x) with a FGT 201F (6.2.x) where I lightly modified the configuration.The new firewall (201F running 6.2.7) now shows high cpu usage on one alternating core. CLI and diagnose sys top showsRun Time: 0 da...
Hi. I manage something like 10 sites that each have a fortigate fw, a dc that replicate with the rest of the sites, a wireless nettwork (cisco/aerohive/meru), an nps at each site. The users are mainly tree groupsadminteachersstudents Teachers are abl...
Hi! I've soon gonna put four 200D firewall into production, but before I put them there I though why not test / lab a little features that I that easily can't lab with my 30D home fw. So any suggestions of topics to what I should try and learn? So fa...
Hi! I'm trying to crack the code behind this Fortigate, and must admit I'm not there yet.Given the schematic below, how do I get a public IP behind a fortigate in NAT mode without adding a second transparent v-dom.Thanks!
I've got the following setup that I want to accomplish: I've managed to successfully setup this if I use physical (port1, port2 etc) and assign them to the different vdoms, but I'm trying to set this up so that the Wan for the VDOM NAT and the WAN fo...
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