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Hi! I've an FortiWifi 60D here and 2 Accesspoints. Sometimes Clients (Firestick or a Wifi-Cam) connect to the "wrong" Accesspoint with lower signal which then leads to performance problems. I do not know why they do not choose the other and stronger ...
Hello! I did an upgrade to 6.4 last Week on our Fortigate 100E. I mentioned that many features are missing now and policies have been changed. So I did have Policies that there is no deep SSL Inspection for Android Handys. After the Update there is n...
Hello! I've bought an FortiAP FAP 222B on ebay without antennas. I am not sure which connector the antennas for this FortiAP must have. Is that sma female or male for the antenna? Thank you for any help! Wolfi This is a pic of the device:https://www....