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Go to Administration -> Administrators -> Add New On this page you can choose what DOMAINS that new user has access to. You CANNOT choose what WORKGROUPS the new user has access to. Opened a case about this. Was told to contact my sales engineer and ...
We're getting no telemetry from the FortiClient to our EMS Server about virus infections.We get all kinds of great information about Forticlient and vulnerabilities. I get the fact that we would need a FortiAnalyzer to read the web logging telemetry....
Forticlient 5.6.2 blocks *.local domains as 'newly observed'. I can't log into VMWare console now. Also, there's no category for this to be allowed. Where in the EMS server is the setting to "allow" or "warn"? EMS server is not completely up to date.
Any suggestions on where to look in the documentation for setup instructions on EMS client rollout via MSI. I've used the FortiClientConfigurationTool but it doesn't allow for inserting the URI of the EMS server. Tried exporting the EMS profile XML f...
This is showing up as AV blocked, and also IP blocked at several locations.From what we see, it looks like a false positive, unless Bing is suddenly infected. Anyone else seeing this? Message meets Alert condition File Block Detected: Protocol: Sourc...
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