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Fortigate 60D v5.2.11 We've had cause to re-issue the certificate that we use for deep inspection on outbound traffic (moving from SHA-1 to SHA-256). This certificate has been installed as trusted on all affected internal clients. To try and ensure a...
FGT60D running v5.2.11. I'm looking to use application control to restrict outbound SMTP (internal -> wan) to IceWarp (a.k.a. Merak) mail server only, however I'm struggling to understand how to accurately identify IceWarp within a custom signature. ...
FortiOS 5.2.11 on FGT 60D I'm attempting to re-introduce deep inspection of outbound traffic from laptops used on our network following a long standing ssl inspection issue being patched.The ssl inspection configuration and exemptions we had in place...
Apologies if this post belongs elsewhere - I couldn't find a more appropriate forum. We are using the Free tier of FortiCloud service and have a standard Summary Report scheduled daily by email; this has worked succesfully since configured nearly two...
Our current configuration successfully blocks HTTP.URI.SQL.Injection and other attacks. However I would like to understand what the attackers are trying to achieve; is there anyway of viewing the raw data that actually triggered this sensor?
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