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Hi,How can I view the mail log that contain 'Received Header'?I've enable 'Extract IP from Received Header' in AntiSpam profile and some email was blocked because there is IP which be indicated as spam. But, I can't view the Received Header in the lo...
Hi, Does anyone know what the pro and cons if I use /32 subnet on FortiMail physical interface? For example, there is a subnet of and I assign port1 with IP In the routing table, I set the default route with Gateway 10.10...
Hi,we have configured Server Mode in Fortimail. We have domain and there are 3 local users in FortiMail:- If there is email with recipient to, we want the emai...
Hi, Is it possible if Active-Passive FortiMail HA is Geo-redundancy? Means that FortiMail A in site 1 and FortiMail B in site 2 but I want those devices in cluster A-P. Thank you
Hi,Does anyone ever try to register FGT 7060E (FortiOS 5.6.6) into FMG400E (v6.0.4)?Because I have tried and it can't be registered. I have enable ADOM and create the new ADOM for FortiGate 5.6. When I tried to add FortiGate device to FortiManager, e...