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DescriptionThis article describes how to add the source Mail ID for Automation trigger option.The requirement of adding the source Mail ID is some of the mail server will not accept the mail if the source Mail ID is not properly set.For example, when...
DescriptionThe link control protocol (LCP) frames are transmitted during the link establishment and termination phases, and periodically during the life of the link. It is used to negotiate the configuration of the PPP link, and to test and maintain ...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure SOCKS (Socket Secure) in explicit proxy.SolutionExecute the below commands to configure socks in explicit proxy.# config web-proxy explicit set socks enable / disable et socks-incoming port userend's...
DescriptionThis article describes the implementation of shortest path first scheduling and throttling in FortiOS.SolutionOverview.- When an OSPF router receives an updated LSA, it does not run SPF right away but schedules it. It does so in case there...
DescriptionThis article explains the Routing Change and Session Fail-over with SD-WANSolutionLet us consider the three Interfaces port 1, 2 and 3 are configured over an SD-WAN interface and participating in a Performance SLA.If the Failure Threshold ...
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