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Hi all, I've been running a Fortigate 61E in LAG mode (ie: static) on an Edgeswitch for some months now and it has worked well. I never managed to make it work in LACP. Now I'm moving to a Unifi Switch, which only supports LACP, and ... they don't ne...
Hi all, I have my Fortigate (61E running 6.2.3) with dual-wan for a while, and a few external services : SMTP, IMAP, HTTPS. Up until now, I've been using virtual IPs to redirect the traffic to the relevant servers, hence purely based on ports, as eac...
Hi all, I'm trying yo use public keys rather than certificates for IPsec VPN, a supported by a lot of vendors : Cisco, Mikrotik, VyOS/EdgeOS and Linux distros. Any clue ?
Hi all, I know this has been debated many times, but still can't solve it. I have a wildcard valid SSL certificate which I try to importe to my FortiGate. Of course, I have all relevant information, including private key. No matter what I do, it gets...
Hi all, For various reasons, I would need different users to use a single VPN iOS IPSec tunnel to get to different subnets based on the user. I can have them connect, and the XAUTH user is correct.Then I used "set groups" in my firewall policy. The r...