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Dear a query, I want to block a Chrome extension however when I create an app control profile in the fortigate it is not successful. Do two tests: 1. Create an App control profile blocking the Proxy category, however the user could access and downloa...
friends I have problems with emails. some emails do not reach the inbox because fortimail classifies it as a dictionary. attached image.How do I solve it?It is worth mentioning that the word "publi*idad" is included in the dictionary profile.
friend, a question: we are using SSL VPN on a fortigate 300E 6.0.11. I have gone through a lot of documentation and have not found a way to identify what encryption my device is using.For an audit, I am asked to send a screenshot about "Encryption me...
friends before updating the fortimail. What backup should I download? I understand that you have to remove system / backup (image) and black and white lists, something else?