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Good morning! We use several Fortigate appliances which has active IPSEC VPN connections. The Fortigates are managed through a Fortimanager. We'd like to manage also the ipsec connections from the fortimanager.But when we click on the IPSEC section w...
Hi there, I've a VPN connection ready to a datacenter. I connect with Forticlient VPN on my laptop and setup an IPSEC connection to a datacenter which is fine. No I'd like to take the config of a switch in that datacenter and TFTP the config to my la...
Hi there, I'm a little lost here. I was able to connect to VPN locations before.The firewalls are version 5.2. just standard ipsec, nothing fancy.The only thing had changed -> Client OS from Windows 7 to 10.Forticlient upgrade -> 5.4.Now I'm still ab...
Hi there, When i execute a "diag sniffer packet wan1" I don't see any traffic. wan1 is in a separate Vdom. Communication is working and the firewall rule has log option activated. The FW is an oldie FG200A. What's wrong here? Best r,E
Hi There, I'd like to achieve a goal where a user gets informed by email when an email sent to her is marked as spam based on Fortiguard blacklisting. Because I didn't want to affect other users.I've setup a new antispam profile with a new action and...
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