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I have a FGT in Azure. All works, Ip4 and 6 for Ping etc, but a traceroute goes natively to IPv6? There is the tracert6 command, but not a tracert4 command and it does not look like there is something to set in options? How do you force it to do a tr...
I need to find a way to on mass or via policy enable the Forticlient Browser extension in Incognito mode. It is deployed by the EMS intaller, but not for Incognito mode. The user has to manually enable or can manually disable that currently. There do...
Hi - I have a question around getting EMS specific info from a FAZ. I have a Trial running where the EMS is only used for ZTNA access and WebFilter on the endpoint. No other features of the Forticlient such as AV. I have linked the FAZ and the EMS se...