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Article Id 308431
Description This article describes how to resolve the error 'Not allowed to access a Non-IPM folder'.
Scope FortiSOAR and Exchange Integration.
Solution Users may encounter a 'Not allowed to access Non-IPM folder for the exchange connector action 'Get Unread Mail' when triggering the default ingestion playbook.


Perform the below modifications from the FortiSOAR CLI and verify the execution for Exchange,


  1. cd /opt/cyops/configs/integrations/packages/lib/python3.9/site-packages/exchangelib/services/
  2. Take a backup of the original file:         ...(cp
  3. Edit the file:                     ...(vi
  4. Replace the file content with the attached file content.
  5. Restart the uwsgi service:                   ...(systemctl restart uwsgi)

Take a VM Snapshot of the Instance before making any changes from the backend.



If replacing the file instead of modifying, make sure to change the file ownership: '...(chown fsr-integrations:'.