NOTE: FortiNAC is now named FortiNAC-F. For post-9.4 articles, see FortiNAC-F. FortiNAC is a zero-trust network access solution that provides users with enhanced visibility into the Internet of Things (IoT) devices on their enterprise networks.
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This article describes and explains behavior where a wired adapter record or host record shows the wrong status for connectivity:

- Host is connected but displays as offline.

- Host is not connected but displays as online.




Any supported version of FortiNAC.


1)  Review the switch's MAC Address table. 

- Host is actually offline: Review the table of the switch listed as the host's location. Confirm the switch does not list the MAC Address.  FortiNAC will continue to show the host as online until its MAC Address is removed from the table.  

- Host is actually online: Verify in the switch that the MAC Address table lists the host's MAC Address on the correct port.  


2)  If the MAC Address table is correct, verify whether or not the status updates after performing a L2 poll. 

a) Select the Polling tab for the switch's device model.  
b) Under L2 (Hosts) Polling, 'Last Successful Poll' and 'Last Attempted Poll' dates and times should be identical.  If not, refer to KB article Troubleshooting Poll failures.


3)  If status does not update until L2 polling is performed, verify the switch is sending the appropriate trap (MAC Notification or Link State) to the appliance when the host connects. 

For instructions see the appropriate KB article:


Confirm MAC Notification traps via Administration UI

Confirm Link State traps via Administration UI


FortiSwitches in Link Mode:

1) In FortiGate UI, confirm the connected device is listed under WiFi & Switch Controller > FortiSwitch Ports. 

2) If the Device Information column is blank for the applicable port, ensure Device Detection is enabled for the VLAN interface under FortiSwitch VLANs.