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This article describes the various 'SSL_get_verify_result' error code values found in the Persistent Agent log "general.txt" and probable causes.
The file location:
Windows: C:\ProgramData\Bradford Networks\general.txt






Symptom: Persistent Agent is not communicating (unable to scan, receive messages, etc). 
Retrieve the agent debug logs from one of the affected machines.  For instructions, refer to the KB articles below.

The following entry is found in general.txt log:


SSL_get_verify_result = 20 - Appliance is missing or has incorrect intermediate certificates installed

SSL_get_verify_result = 19 - End stations is missing root certificate

SSL_get_verify_result = 10 - Certificate has expired


SSL_get_verify_result = 18 - Self-signed certificate in use 

SSL_get_verify_result = 0 - Success 


The messages apart from success in detail:

SSL_get_verify_result = 20
Verify intermediate certificates on the appliance. See KB article


SSL_get_verify_result = 19
Verify root certificates on the end station. See KB article 

SSL_get_verify_result = 10
Verify certification expiration by navigating to System > Settings > Security > Certificate Management in the UI.


If expired, renew the certificate. See section Renew a Certificate in the SSL Certificates reference manual.


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