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Article Id 267096
Description This article describes one of the more common issues when transferring a FortiManager config backup to a remote SFTP server, and offers a workaround.
Scope Any supported version of FortiManager.

In this scenario, the user has created an SFTP server to initiate SFTP transfer from FortiManager as per this TECadmin article.

The SFTP user created this way should only have access to the chrooted home directory (/var/sftp) and the directory 'files' (/var/sftp/files) via SFTP.

An error will occur when specifying only the 'files' directory in the 'exe backup...' command as the destination for the FortiManager backup transfer:




Running 'dia de app curl -1' while the transfer is initiated will show that authentication was successful but the upload operation failed.

In order to resolve this, specify the filename of the backup to be uploaded into the SFTP server:


exe backup all-settings sftp <SFTP server IP> /<directory>/<filename> <SFTP user> <password>




The upload will be successful, as can be seen in the debug output.