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This article describes how to fix an issue where the user encounters the error message 'Fail(errno=-999): Invalid Value' during a FortiManager ADOM (Administrative Domain) upgrade.

Scope FortiManager.

Resolving the 'Fail(errno=-999): Invalid Value' error during a FortiManager ADOM upgrade involves identifying and addressing the template issue related to the variable 'vm_interface_number.' By reviewing and modifying the template as needed, users can ensure a successful ADOM upgrade.


To address the 'Fail(errno=-999): Invalid Value' error during a FortiManager ADOM upgrade, follow these steps:


  1. Review the Error Message:
  • When the error occurs, take note of the specific error message.
  • In the provided example, the error message mentions 'Fail(errno=-999): Invalid Value - Parse CLI template fail: Variable 'vm_interface_number.'


  1. Identify the Issue:
  • The error message suggests that there is an issue related to a CLI template and the variable 'vm_interface_number.'
  • Understand that 'vm_interface_number' may not be recognized or available as a valid meta-variable.


  1. Review Pre-defined Templates:
  • Check the pre-defined templates or configurations being used during the upgrade process.
  • Verify if the variable 'vm_interface_number' is being used within these templates.


  1. Remove or Adjust the Template:
  • If 'vm_interface_number' is found within the template and is causing the issue, consider removing or adjusting the template.
  • Removing the template or modifying it to exclude 'vm_interface_number' can resolve the problem.


  1. Reattempt ADOM Upgrade:
  • After addressing the template issue, attempt the ADOM upgrade again.
  • Ensure that the upgrade process proceeds without encountering the "Invalid Value" error.


  1. Verify Successful Upgrade:
  • Once the upgrade is complete, verify that the ADOM has been successfully upgraded to the desired version (in this case, version 7.0).


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