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This article describes how to enable backend-shell access in FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer.

Sometimes, it is necessary to log in to the FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer backend shell to execute some commands, for example, executing curl to check the reachability status of the backend servers.

Scope FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer

1) By default, the FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer does not grant shell access and the following message will be shown:


FMG01 # execute shell
Shell disabled.


2) Check the system admin settings on FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer:


FMG01 # get system admin setting

shell-access : disable


3) The shell-access needs to be enabled via the following CLI commands on FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer:


FMG01 # config system admin setting

(setting) set shell-access enable
Enter new password:
Confirm new password:

(setting)# end


4) Perform the following to verify if the command has been implemented successfully:


FMG01 # get system admin setting

shell-access : enable
shell-password : *


5) Access the backend-shell again:


FMG01 # execute shell
Enter password: