FortiMail provides advanced, multi-layer protection against the full spectrum of email-borne threats
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This article explains about how to reset the password of FortiMail (V5.3.0GA and below).


- The password reset with maintainer only works on V5.3.0 and below.
- V5.3.1GA and later, 'maintainer' option is removed for to improve the overall security of the device.

FortiMail will need:

_Console cable
_Terminal software such as Putty.exe (Windows) or Terminal (MacOS)
_Serial number of the FortiGate device
Procedure, step by step:
1) Connect the computer to the device via the Console port on the back of the unit.

2) Start your terminal software.

Connect to the FortiMail using the following:
Setting        Value
Speed Baud         9600
Data Bits         8 Bit
Parity             None
Stop Bits         1
Flow Control     No Hardware Flow Control
Com Port     the correct COM port
4) The FortiMail should then respond with its name or hostname. (If it doesn’t try pressing “enter”.)

5) Reboot the FortiMail device, if there is no power button, disconnect the power adapter and reconnect it after 10 seconds. Plugging in the power too soon after unplugging it can cause corruption in the memory in some units.

6) Wait for the device name and login prompt to appear. The terminal window should display something similar to the following:   
System is rebooting...
The system is going down NOW !!
Please stand by while rebooting the system.
FortiMail-100C (17:50-11.17.2009)
Serial number: FE100C3910xxxxx
RAM activation
Total RAM: 1024MB
Enabling cache...Done.
Scanning PCI bus...Done.
Allocating PCI resources...Done.
Enabling PCI resources...Done.
Zeroing IRQ settings...Done.
Verifying PIRQ tables...Done.
Disabling local APIC...Done.
Boot up, boot device capacity: 492MB.
Press any key to display configuration menu...
Reading boot image 2702187 bytes.
Initializing FortiMail...
Booting FortiMail...
Press the 'm' key to enter maintenance mode.....
Initialize Database ...
Initialize Configuration ...   
FE100C3910xxxxx login:
7) Type in the username: maintainer

8) The password is bcpb + the serial number of the FortiMail (letters of the serial number are in uppercase format)
Example: bcpbFE100C3910xxxxx
FE100C3910xxxxx  login: maintainer
Password: ********************
9) Once you are logged in, you can change the password with below commands:
FE100C3910xxxxx # config sys admin
FE100C3910xxxxx (admin) # show
config system admin
  edit admin
    set password ENC $1$0e6f2999$hCGbXTYdaI8MTg4FOmvuq/
    set access-profile super_admin_prof
    set theme RedGrey
    set language english
FE100C3910xxxxx (admin) # edit admin
FE100C3910xxxxx (admin) # set password test123
FE100C3910xxxxx (admin) # end
Now, you can login to the FortiMail with username 'admin' and password 'test123'