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Article Id 195577

This article will show various commands to check NIC and interface drops.

Below commands are to check the Network interface statistics and counters of received/transmitted packets and drops.

#diagnose netlink interface list name <interface name>

Sample output as below:

FGT <vdom> # diag netlink interface list name wan1
if=wan1 family=00 type=1 index=4 mtu=1500 link=0 master=0
ref=329 state=off start fw_flags=10000000 flags=up broadcast run allmulti multicast
Qdisc=mq hw_addr=90:6c:ac:5b:bf:b9 broadcast_addr=ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
 :::Below output of priority only show when traffic shaping applied and bandwidth values specified.
    priority=0     allocated-bandwidth=8(kbps)     total_bytes=225378K     drop_bytes=0
    priority=1     allocated-bandwidth=0(kbps)     total_bytes=2320057K     drop_bytes=5278K
    priority=2     allocated-bandwidth=0(kbps)     total_bytes=0     drop_bytes=0
    priority=3     allocated-bandwidth=379(kbps)     total_bytes=826200K     drop_bytes=29K
    priority=4     allocated-bandwidth=91611(kbps)     total_bytes=0     drop_bytes=0
stat: rxp=8542076 txp=7928261 rxb=5853285911 txb=3381014267 rxe=0 txe=0 rxd=0 txd=0 mc=0 collision=0
re: rxl=0 rxo=0 rxc=0 rxf=0 rxfi=0 rxm=0
te: txa=0 txc=0 txfi=0 txh=0 txw=0
misc rxc=0 txc=0

Other commands: config global >

#diag hardware deviceinfo nic   


#get hardware nic wan2
fnsysctl ifconfig <interface name>   (internal command)

Repeat commands to check if increase in drop/collision.
Alternatively, clear the counters through below command and verify counters again.

#diagnose netlink interface clear <interface name>
Eg.: diag netlink interface clear wan1