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Article Id 269924

This article describes how to fix an issue where HA is out of sync and it becomes impossible to manually change the config in both units of the HA setup.


FortiOS 7.0.12.


Occasionally, a sync error arises with the system.custom-language object as shown below:


diagnose debug config-error-log read
>>> "set" "filename" "en" @ global.system.custom-language.en:value parse error (error -651)
>>> "set" "filename" "fr" @ parse error (error -651)
>>> "set" "filename" "sp" @ global.system.custom-language.sp:value parse error (error -651)
>>> "set" "filename" "pg" @ parse error (error -651)
>>> "set" "filename" "x-sjis" @ global.system.custom-language.x-sjis:value parse error (error -651)
>>> "set" "filename" "big5" @ global.system.custom-language.big5:value parse error (error -651)
>>> "set" "filename" "GB2312" @ global.system.custom-language.GB2312:value parse error (error -651)
>>> "set" "filename" "euc-kr" @ global.system.custom-language.euc-kr:value parse error (error -651)


When this error occurs, a manual change also fails:


config system custom-language

edit tx-sjis

unset filename



Invalid file.

node_check_object fail! for filename

Attribute 'filename' MUST be set.

Command fail. Return code -651


To resolve the issue:


  1. Execute a failover to the secondary (this step usually fixes the issue).
  2. Force a recalculate operation through the CLI:

diag sys ha checksum recalculate


  1. Execute a failover back to the primary.


If these steps do not resolve the issue, contact Fortinet's TAC team for additional support.