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This article describes how to troubleshoot an issue when receiving response code 400 error upon uploading the license.

If the error message 'Invalid license file' is received after uploading the correct VM license file.
For example error on update debug logs:

2021-08-05 12:38:32 upd_pkg_verify_setup_rsp[1115]-Unexpected setup rsp code 400
2021-08-05 12:38:32 upd_act_setup_with_action[220]-Received invalid setup rsp

1)Make sure the VM is registered under the correct FortiCare account.

2)Disable Fortiguard Anycast

# config system fortiguard
    set fortiguard-anycast disable

If it does not work with the above, also by enabling the protocol UDP:

# config system fortiguard
    set protocol udp

3)Check your default auth-cert is Fortinet_Factory

# config sys global
# get | grep auth-cert

auth-cert: Fortinet_Factory

If the following solutions does not solve the issue, collect the debug logs and contact technical support for further in-depth troubleshooting.

To collect debug logs from CLI:

# diag deb reset
# diag deb app update -1
# diag deb enable
# exec update-now

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