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Article Id 248571
Description This article provides instructions to configure RSS feeds to provide alerts on new firmware releases.
Scope Upgrades to all Fortinet firmware.

Most of the RSS Feeds available on the Fortinet website are in the .xml format and cannot be used to subscribe without an RSS reader application.


For instance, the RSS Feeds available at the following link redirect to a .xml page which is not easily readable:


To subscribe to an RSS Feed, first install an RSS Reader. This article will use the Ark View RSS Reader available in the Microsoft Store.


Follow these steps to subscribe:


1) Install and open the Ark View application.

2) On the Home page, use the Search option.

3) Right click on any RSS Link in the browser and select 'Copy Link Address'.

4) Paste the link into the Search field of the Ark View application and search. This article uses the Firmware Download RSS Feed:


Information similar to the following will appear:


RSS Feed.png


6) Select the result. The following screen will open:


RSS Feed1.png


7) Make any desired or necessary changes to the settings (other than the main link) and select 'Add'.


Notifications should be received when there is a new Firmware Release for any Fortinet Product.